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How do I transfer/port my existing phone number?
We are able to port your existing number at no additional cost. Please note that the process will...
Is DigitalJetstream compatible with a soft phone?
Yes It IS! In order to use a soft phone with DigitalJetstream VOIP service, you must have, at...
How do I set up my DigitalJetstream Linksys RT31P2 Phone Adapter?
  Before setting up your DigitalJetstream VoIP service, make sure that you have received...
How do I Power Cycle my DigitalJetstream VOIP adapter?
  First you want to unplug the A/C power adapters from your high speed broadband modem...
What is Incoming Call Routing?
Everyone is bombarded with calls these days and we wanted to give everyone a little bit of...