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We do Technology! Not only stuff that everyone has done before us, but new cutting edge things that make us ultimately relevant in the world. Certainly we've mastered the old and our customers benefit from it everyday. We'll continue to offer those cutting edge products to the public. However, we want to be apart of the changing culture of technology. Not the same old stuffed shirts your parents had, but new innovative ideas that change the world.

Big tech companies have already created a culture for the West Coast, let's create one on this side of the United States as well. Just imagine creating things that allow you to dream along the way. Everyone has a different personality and something to contribute. At DigitalJetstream, we water your ideas and help them grow. And don't forget we have a company where an enormous amount of people depend on our services. So we have to be ultimate customer service people as well. We’re big believers in doing right by our neighbors. After all, we grew up in the Cleveland and believe this place has much to offer. So we do what we can to support the community we love. Over the past four years, we’ve provided more opportunities to people wanting to learn about technology than most of our counterparts. Through mentorship programs, internships, high school senior projects we teach the future leaders how to embrace the technology early. We are particularly proud of the veterans we have supported and helped through VGS, Vocational Guidance School in Cleveland. Stay tuned, we're just beginning.

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