Wireless Networks Design Service

DigitalJetstream LLC. will design, manage and support your wireless network designed by our engineers. Our consulting service can design a reliable and efficient 802.11 wireless network for your company or location. Weather for your home or business, our Wi-Fi technicians will design a point to point or point to multipoint or WISP solution based upon the specs you provide us.

DigitalJetstream LLC. will deliver your document for a fee of $350. This will serve as a deposit on the equipment that we recommend and we provide. If you purchase your products from the quote from DigitalJetstream LLC., the $350 will be deemed as a deposit towards your merchandise. If you choose not to purchase the products from DigitalJetstream your deposit will not be refunded. We stand behind our products and services. By purchasing the equipment from us, we guarantee the installation and service.

The deposit is per location, each location you want a chart or design for requires a deposit. The documents you receive will contain network diagrams, and IP addressing plan, A Wi-Fi channel plan, with a materials and hardware list. It will also contain an implementation plan.

We will need a complete detail of your site specifications regarding your specific application. You can send detailed illustrations, images, drawings of the worksite to be configured. This includes all relevant points, hardware wireless products currently used at the points of the application as well as distances and obstructions between those points. These detailed site specifications must be received by DigitalJetstream by fax: 216.452.2132 attention Wireless Networks Design Service. Or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All file types accepted via e-mail attachments are. .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .vsd, .xls, .doc, and must not exceed more than two megabytes. Also include the best daytime phone number or contact number to reach you. 

The larger and more sophisticated wifi designs for multi level buildings and enterprise areas are available on a custom-quote basis. These quotes can include multi-SSID, location-based networks, RFID networks, and more. 

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