The steps to getting you started...... and beyond.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing - Many SEO firms have unique processes when it comes to the numerous steps of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. However, many companies share the basics when it comes to the SEO steps. Here are ours:

1) When you're interested in becoming an SEO client with DigitalJetstream, we will engage in an initial SEO phone consultation where we discuss your business needs, your Website, your industry and it starts with us going over a client Website Analysis. The cost of this service is $100. However, it can be used as your deposit towards SEO services provided by us if you choose one of our organic SEO packages. The initial consultation is over the phone, setup through our Book Appointment section of our website. The Website Analysis allows us to see how search engines currently view your website in a 7-10 point perspective analysis. Ultimately this is greatly valuable to both of us in developing your SEO needs.

2) After our initial consultation, we will develop a SEO plan that we agree are the best SEO programs for you. Our goals are to make you become and then remain competitive online in your industry. If its local exposure, State wide exposure or National exposure. DigitalJetstream will come up with the best plan available at the time of the consultation. SEO criteria changes periodically and the we have to be aware of those changes as it relates to you and your companies products. 

3) We will then have a 2nd phone call with you to review our custom SEO programs with you, and help you determine the most effective form of action for your business and your Website. We auto bill you monthly for SEO services, a standard practice in the SEO industry. It is our policy to engage clients for 12 months in our SEO programs. 

4) Once we receive the first month's payment (Setup Fees, SEO Configurations, etc.,) for SEO services, we will begin the initial SEO steps in our extensive online marketing process. DigitalJetstream will start the keyword research and perform the competitors Website Analyses as well. We'll find out how your competitors are doing and what they're using to get traffic to their websites. This is critical in the advancement of your website based upon the industry you're selling to. All businesses try to gather a competitive edge by getting customers to buy from them rather than their competition. Why not you?

5) Then we will engage in 3rd phone conversation with you, as we will be doing many calls with you along the way to ensure you fully understand the typical steps of the SEO process, to go over the keyword research findings and the competitors analyses.

6) Within 30 days of you starting SEO with us, we will have completed inserting the SEO onto the pages of your Website - called on-page SEO (number of Web pages to perform SEO vary depending on the SEO program you choose).

6) By the 2nd month, we will begin doing the off-page online marketing efforts, to start building residual Web traffic to your Website as well as with the purposes of increasing keyword rankings to your Website in Google, Bing and Yahoo!. These services could include, but not be limited to, social media marketing, pay per click, blogging, and more.

7) Within 3-6 months, and this varies depending on many factors, you will start seeing organic SEO results in the search engines.

8) On a monthly basis, we perform monthly SEO reports and have a phone call with our clients to review those reports with them, and develop a game plan for the next 30 days. Each month your DigitalJetstream SEO Account Specialist will conduct a phone meeting with you to review and go over reports and analyses and go over the next 30 days game plan.

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