What is a Creative Strategy Brief ?

A Creative Strategy Brief is a comprehensive document used by DigitalJetstream LLC. to define what your brand stands for, and the experience that customers will have when they engage with your company.  It is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL used to create your company's brand image and personality as it relates to your products and services.  We also use it to develop and configure you SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Who should have a Creative Strategy Brief ?

  • ALL businesses…
  • Start-up
  • Small business
  • Medium sized business
  • Large sized business
  • Any business changing their brand strategy
  • Any business working on a new product, promotion, project or event

Fortune 500 Planning to Your Business...at a Fraction of the Cost...

All major corporations use this document.  In fact, our staff has produced Creative Strategy Briefs for a number of clients over the years, including McDonald's Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company.  They never begin a new project or product without one...  But the majority of new and start-up businesses have never even heard of a Creative Strategy Brief, and therefore, launch their businesses at an immediate disadvantage.  So, we bring Fortune 500 planning to your business, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Some of the key elements found in a Creative Strategy Brief include:

  • your strategic messaging/communication for your target audience and all of your marketing and communications materials (online and offline)
  • creative direction to be used in all marketing executions in order to convey the brand personality (i.e. look, tone, and feel)
  • background and strategic direction on how you should engage your customers with your products and/or services
  • preliminary research, including aspects of the competitive landscape, to help you better position your company in the marketplace, and determine how best to generate leads, traffic, sales and profits 

How do you use a Creative Strategy Brief?

It is the first line of defense...  You should not do anything with your business or project until you've developed your Creative Strategy Brief to define your brand. Again, it is THE foundation for beginning any business, new product, promotion, project or event relating to your business!  But if you haven’t created one yet, you can simply start now.  Below are just some of the many instances when you will find a Creative Strategy Brief a life-saving document for your business:

Simply share the document when…

Scenario #1:  Your website designer is ready to start building the infrastructure of your site and asks "Tell me about your company...what is your strategy, how do you want your website to look, what kind of information should be on the site, and are you doing online sales?"...  

Scenario #2:  At your first meeting with your graphic artist, she asks "What are your main products, who is your target audience, and what would you like to convey in the logo?"  

Scenario #3:  You're in the process of meeting with potential investors, and one venture capitalist  asks "Why did you decide to start this company, what's the research that says this is a viable product, how will you generate sales, and how does your company stand out from the competitors - why should I invest in YOU?  

Scenario #4:  You just hired a business consultant to do your business plan, and she asks "Describe your services, what's the brand personality, who are you trying to sell to, and what's the call-to-action and strategic framework to get them to buy your services so that you can see a healthy return on investment (ROI)?"   

Other instances when a Creative Strategy Brief is necessary, is during the development of marketing and communications materials such as:

  • Marketing plan
  • Brochure
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Promotions
  • Special events
  • News releases
  • and more...  

The Process...

The process is simple and painless for the client – whether you are just starting your business, or have already been selling your product for awhile.  We will sit down with you for approximately 90-120 minutes to do a Branding session - interviewing you, and basically extracting all of the information that is inside his/her head about their business. This is followed by the submission of a 10-12 page Creative Strategy Brief (approximately a 10-day turn-around from start to finish).   Our format is unique and proprietary.  

Normally, a document like this cost anywhere from $1,000 - $1500 because of the quality, amount of content, and the time it takes to produce. However, we offer it for a very affordable price $500 so that your business can immediately get started moving towards creating your brand or developing the project. 


Free 30 Minute consultation will give you a better idea today...  We can immediately set up an appointment to get you started.  Once you do, you will have officially started on the road map to success.  A road that will, ultimately, lead to increased traffic, sales and profits.

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