DigitalJetstream can deliver a customized, superior IT care experience for your end-users, while fully integrating into your IT environment. 

Our team of certified help desk professionals, known as Technical Analysts and located in North America, will resolve your end-users' technology challenges, so that you can concentrate on your IT goals and initiatives.

DigitalJetstream's analysts are strong customer advocates. They are knowledgeable, courteous and empowered to solve issues to enhance your customers' experience. Typically saving organizations up to 70% versus an in-house help desk service, DigitalJetstream's Technology is fully-managed, customizable and scalable to meet your needs now and in the future.

  • Our team of experts will guide you to build a solution that integrates into your current IT environment, including:
  • Defining thresholds for escalations

Creating an applicable ticketing and reporting system that works for your organization
Choose from multiple levels of support and flat-rate, per-user or per-incident plans to customize your help desk solution.    

Call us and we'll discuss your needs: 

What You Get:

  • Fully outsourced and managed IT support solution to support and resolve the full range of end-user issues that you define
  • Customized VIP support for key executives ensuring they have priority, and special handling
  • Backend visibility with online tools for you to monitor the process: reporting, and statistics
  • Client Satisfaction reports
  • More than 100 Technical Analysts, Certified Professionals with expertise in all areas of help desk supportNo capital investment, no staff required, and no training required
  • Fully domestic on-shore service, located in North America, not off-shore or near-shore
  • Best-in-class fully redundant telecommunications systems
  • ITIL best practices for a high quality consistent experience

Plan That Serve You:

  • Level 1 or Level 2 support options
  • 24x7 or 9x5 coverage options
  • Per user plan, predictable monthly rate based on number of end users supported
  • Per incident plan, flat rate for calls answered, instead of number of users supported
  • Direct to Level 2 for sophisticated users that don't need Level 1 support, flat rate per call
  • Dedicated Analyst, full time equivalents dedicated to your business only, flat monthly rate

    DigitalJetstream Technology