Currently there are thousands of new computer viruses or other types of malware discovered each month. Many of these threats are designed to resist detection, and removal, and may disable the execution of your antivirus software and your computer’s ability to connect to online scanning that can provide remediation. Still other threats reinstall themselves almost as quickly as they are removed.

As these threats to our personal information and computer systems grow, so do our tools to attempt to fight them. Unfortunately it is not always possible to be prepared for every threat. In those cases where infection occurs due to out-of-date virus definitions or not yet patched system code, the threat has latched onto your system.  When the current anti malware solutions are not yet able to re-mediate the situation, a manual virus removal solution is called for. DigitalJetstream provides a remote virus and malware solution for you.


Spyware is a generic term for a class of software designed to either gather information for marketing purposes or to deliver advertisements to Web pages. A spyware aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge, and can relay this information back to an unauthorized third party. Because spyware is not viral, anti-virus software does not offer protection. By attaching itself to legitimate downloads, spyware easily passes through firewalls unchallenged. By intertwining itself with files essential to system operation, spyware cannot safely be removed by simply deleting files with a system cleaning tool.

Note: Some of the following steps may require an advanced understanding of the Windows Operating System; we highly suggest having a skilled technician (one of ours of course) perform virus and spyware  removal if you believe you are at risk. Be sure to backup your system before attempting to remove a virus. Failure to do so may result in your computer becoming unresponsive, and permitting data loss in the removal process. 

The removal process involves several steps that may need to be repeated a number of times to facilitate remediation. 

1. Identification 
2. Safe Mode 
3. Removal 
4. Verification 
5. Cleanup

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Here is only the tip of the icebergLicense, there are tons of books manuals written about viruses and spyware etc. At DigitalJetstream we have experts and highly skilled technicians in the removal of these deadly culprits that are manifested on a daily basis by some geeks with who have nothing better to do. It is in your best interest to call DigitalJetstream LLC. when faced with this potential deadly problem. 

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