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You may have challenges maintaining the infrastructure of your IT needs. DigitalJetstream Managed Solutions is the answer!

DigitalJetstream provides clients with technology professionals for project work in permanent or temporary assignments. We can assist you with completely qualified individuals with permanent placement IT employees as well. However, our largest success comes when we are the outsourced company for those assignments. With a constantly growing staff, we hire the industry leaders who enjoy the freedom of creating and delivering cutting edge technology, while staying in an atmosphere of innovators developing new products for the future. We have also found, when our staff becomes challenged by other technology people the creative juices start to flow. That's why we keep possibility thinkers around.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner by providing the best most qualified, cost-effective, professional personnel for your IT department. Our information services and technical staff for on demand problem solving gives you a team of individuals. We place Project Managers, Technical Architects, Designers, Developers and Network Engineers who are proficient in a wide spectrum of mainframe, midrange, client server and web based technology. 

Outsourced CTO / CIO / CSO  

Chief Technology Officer / Chief Information Officer / Chief Science Officer. By outsourcing most of your technology needs you will need a manager to oversee all of these functions. The highest level of outsourced IT services would be our CTO. DigitalJetstream will outsource a Chief Technology Officer to meet and understand your marketing and sales needs by being the center point of communication in a field where people need to speak the same language to communicate. Most of the work will be done at DigitalJetstream headquarters while regular scheduled meetings will be at your location. Travel requirements to meet the companies goals through face-to-face communication with the end-user is the job of the owners and CTO officials. Our staff members can take direction from client managers who can lead the way for development and maintenance activities or from the CTO who is contracted to your account. DigitalJetstream IT Outsourced and Managed Clients allows you to hire top talent when needed to fulfill your IT and business goals. Using this variable cost model you save an enormous amount of money while having the best talent. 

Our clients recognize, being in the staffing business is not their business. We handle the recruiting and selection process so you can do what you do best! Providing real value to our customers is of the utmost priority for us. We strive to keep our costs reasonable and pass on the savings to our clients. This makes us a better value than some other more established consulting firms. Rather than using typical rate ranges like other firms, DigitalJetstream prefers to offer flexible rate arrangements with our clients. This allows you rather quickly to see a real savings on your IT consulting costs. It also affords us the privilege of engaging your business and doing the best job we can. The most frequently quoted reason for outsourcing is cost savings. Our CTO / CIO / CSO partner from DigitalJetstream will save you money.

Reduced Costs & Competitive Advantage  

As the technology industry is highly competitive and grows rapidly, organizations focus on reducing costs in a bid to strive to retain and/or gain the competitive advantage. The improvement of services and added value that third party expertise can bring cannot be in doubt. By outsourcing one or more non-core activities/functions of the organization, management gets the chance to focus resources on core competencies of the organization. With this model the organization achieves the highest possible level of services and meet its own customers' needs. Thus effectively protecting its market share from other organizations wishing to enter the market.  

DigitalJetstream Is The Solution


DigitalJetstream provides you with one of the best possible solutions available. By outsourcing, organizations have immediate access to the innovations, the economies of scale and the specialized capabilities of DigitalJetstream, which would otherwise be costly to achieve internally. Indeed, DigitalJetstream can acquire new technology more quickly and can spread the cost over a number of customers/organizations for everyones benefit. The fact that many organizations share DigitalJetstream's investment between them reduces the risk which would otherwise be born by a single organization. The use of a third party service provider such as DigitalJetstream improves access to new technology, new methodologies and workers/staff that are capable of evaluating and implementing new technology more rapidly than within the organization. 

It is important to know that DigitalJetstream stands by its reputation and doesn't always take on new outsourcing clients. It often doesn't have anything to do with the company hiring us, its our desire to keep our brand strong. Call our office and receive a specialize quote today.

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