Surveillance Solutions!

  • Easy One Time Installation! 

  • Quality Cameras

  • Surveillance Phone Apps

  • Creative solutions

Support Single Sign-on Through LDAP Integration

filelocker-single-serverHome Video Access : Keep tabs on whats going on at home while you're on the go or at the office

Remote Video Access: Control who has access to your surveillance footage.

Video Recording: Save your surveillance footage for up to 30 days or more.

Motion Detection: Record the only footage that matters. With motion detection, we'll send you notifications that will alert you about any possible threats. 


How Does It Work 


Install Video Cameras : We strategically place video cameras in the areas you want to monitor.

Record and Store Video: All of the video footage we store will be placed on a hard drive for as long as you want

Monitor Surveillance: Keep an eye on your business or home from your desktop, phone, or tablet! 


DigitalJetstream Technology